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2013年5月 3日 (金)

久留米の風景 1


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Sport netDispatch world cup has neared end, be opposite in Germany in Argentine 1/4 final, ke Luoze of black archer of Bai Renmu Buddhist nun and Tuomasimule infiltrate together 3 balls, the member that this lets Bai Renqiu achieves 10 in the total goal on south Africa world cup, banner infiltrate the international Milan of 8 balls, become a world cup club of the first archer. Ke Luoze and Mu Le enter 4 balls each at present, this two people contributed 8 goals for Bai Ren, demikailisi and Luo Ben also infiltrate for Argentina and Holand one ball.
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Fan Texi surpasses the line on the activity after basketball hassle season | Sport one ball becomes famous dazzle eye storm will raid

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